Like keeping a fire extinguisher in case of a fire, you know how important it is to have a firearm accessible in case of emergency. Unlike a fire extinguisher though, you can't leave a firearm sitting out in the open or stashed loosely in a closet without seriously risking the safety of your family, friends, or house guests. A traditional large safe bolted to the floor provides reasonable protection against theft, but it would also make it almost impossible to access quickly in an emergency, especially if it's stashed away in a remote area of the house that you don't spend most of your time in. Small safes are also available, but one of those would take just as long to access and would be an eyesore if kept out in the open (not to mention that any thief could easily find and remove a portable safe within minutes of entering your home).


How can you keep your handgun easily accessible in central, high-traffic areas of your home, yet secure, out of the way of dust and clutter, and out of sight for unexpected visitors? The answer is to conceal your storage space within a tasteful, high-quality piece of home décor and secured by a reliable, discreet, and fast locking mechanism. With our long history of designing and manufacturing InvisiDoor bookcases and other high-quality, functional pieces of home décor and furniture, we knew that CSH is uniquely suited to creating the ultimate solution for this problem, so we combined our experience with manufacturing high quality, beautiful home furnishings with state-of-the-art RFID locking technology to create the Hide-a-Shelf. The Hide-a-Shelf looks right at home in any living room, hallway, or other room you might want it—but when you touch the included RFID card or key fob to the center of the shelf, the bottom opens, revealing a hidden compartment within seconds.