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Rolling Barn Door Hardware

Our rolling barn door takes the excellent craftsmanship and superior technology of our Quiet Glide rolling library ladder and applies it to a rolling interior barn-style door.

Multiple Roller Strap Styles for your Rolling Door

Customize your barn door roller straps with a variety of shapes and finishes. The hand-forged hammered Spade and Fleur-de-Lis styles will add a classic/rustic look to your rolling barn door. Or if clean lines and interesting shapes would better fit with your sliding door application, there is a large selection of contemporary style roller straps. Not finding the perfect shape for your barn door roller straps? Give us a call, and we’ll give you information about having your own custom design to make your barn-style door specially yours.

Three Finishes for your Rolling Door Hardware

Selecting the right finish for your rolling barn door hardware is just as important as choosing the right roller strap style. We offer rolling barn door hardware in three different finishes: Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Nickel.

  • The Black finish is both bold and classy, accentuating the design of your rolling barn door. A Black sliding door hardware finish looks fantastic on those doors with a darker wood finish.
  • The Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware finish adds a subtle warmth and rustic feel to your rolling barn door.
  • The Satin Nickel finish is perfect for contemporary-style barn door applications. Adding a cool elegance to your rolling barn door design, the Satin Nickel finish complements certain color combinations and, in contrast to the darker finishes, can be almost invisible—allowing the design of the rolling barn door to speak for itself.

Mounting your Rolling Door

The rolling barn door is hung on a straight rail. Our Quiet Glide rails are made of solid aluminum; minimizing dents, warping, and bending, and ensuring that your rolling barn door slides consistently and quietly over time. Our rails are sold in 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. lengths, but can be easily cut and joined using the rail splice kit to fit any size rolling barn door. The rails are mounted to the wall (or other support) using vertical brackets. These brackets come in two lengths to accommodate the thickness of your rolling barn door and/or its distance from the backing wall. Unfortunately, the vertical brackets only accommodate rolling barn doors up to 2-1/4 inches thick. If your rolling barn door is thicker than that, it will require special modifications to work with the rolling door system. Don’t forget that the rail end stops to keep your rolling barn door from sliding off the end of the rail!

Floor Supports and Center Guides for your Rolling Door

While there may be times when you may want your rolling barn door to swing free, certain applications make a swinging rolling door undesirable. For instance, a rolling barn door that slides next to a wall may bump and rub against the wall if there are no guides, resulting in paint loss or extra stress on the wall. Similarly, rolling door floor stops enable a precise opening and/or closing position of the sliding barn door. Our rolling door center floor guides keep the barn-style door from swinging, and the rolling door stops ensure a precise stopping position. The rolling door floor guides and door stops are backed with a protective covering to avoid scarring the finish on the rolling barn door. If your sliding door has a rough surface texture that would not work well with the standard rolling door center floor guides, an alternate roller guide is offered. Spade and Fleur-de-Lis shapes are even provided to match those styles of roller straps.

Ordering your Rolling Door

Ordering your rolling barn door is easy. Just use our form below to select the rolling barn door hardware options that will best suit your application. If you need additional assistance, feel free to call us or contact us using the LiveChat feature. We know you will enjoy the unique look and feel of our rolling barn door!

Step 1 - Select the roller strap style

Custom colors and designs are available, call for details.

* Note: Hand-forged hammered styles are not available in a Satin Nickle finish
Step 2- Select your finish

Step 3 - Select your door thickness

Step 4 - Choose your components
Please select a roller strap style first (Step 1).