Polyurethanes and Varnishes


General Finishes Polyurethanes and Varnishes

For a large selection of quality varnishes and polyurethanes look no further than Custom Service Hardware. We have a great selection of General Finishes polyurethane and varnish that can't be beat! Keep your home and projects looking pristine and never compromise on the quality of the wood finishes.

Water based polyurethane finishes are a great option for wood coating because of their low odor and low toxicity. Polyurethane finishes go on clear without adding the slight color of oil based finishes, and they dry much faster. Polyurethane varnish is perfect for bookshelves, desks, side tables, and other indoor wood furniture.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of polyurethane wood finishes in flat, satin, and glossy options. Shop now and get the perfect wood finishes for your home.