Veneer Sheets

Veneer Sheets

Wood Veneer Sheets and Veneer Edging

Give your wood a decorative and elegant look with the help of our veneer sheets. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of veneer sheets that you can use on plywood, paneling, furniture and more. Choose from a variety of wood types, grain types and styles to get the perfect look for your home.

FeaturedAfrican Mahogany Veneer Sheet, Khaya Flat Cut - 10 Mil Paper Backed w/ PSA, 2' x 8'

When working on wood projects, the building process can leave behind unwanted visible marks, such as screw holes or creases where pieces of wood are joined. Wood veneer sheets allow you to quickly and easily cover up unsightly holes, marks and spaces and give your project a finely-crafted finish.

Custom Service Hardware offers edgebanding and veneer products, such as wood veneer sheets, in various wood types, grains, styles and colors to help you find the perfect match for your project.