Wood Biscuits

Wood Biscuits

Biscuit Joints, Biscuit Jointers and more

Complete your woodworking projects easily with the help of wood biscuits from Custom Service Hardware. Our thin, oval-shaped biscuits joints are placed into the wood slot to join two pieces of wood together for a strong bond. The low prices make it easier to afford completion of all your pending woodworking projects.

FeaturedBiscuit #10 Beech Wood

Wood biscuits are a useful wood accessory that enables you to join two pieces of wood fast and easily. Our thin, oval-shaped biscuit joints are placed into wood slots to connect two pieces of wood together, creating a strong bond that lasts. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of sturdy wood biscuits to help you get the best results from your next woodworking project.

With CS Hardware’s low prices, you’ll be able to stock up on the wood accessories you need to complete all of your carpentry projects.