Sustain Krete

Protect Your Concrete
with Sustain Krete


What exactly is Sustain Krete?

Sustain Krete is a soy-based concrete durability enhancer that blocks out water and salt, extending the life of your concrete.

This USA-made, soy-based concrete durability enhancer is the result of a partnership between Purdue University and the Indiana Soybean Alliance. Sustain Krete provides superior concrete protection against the harsh weather conditions throughout the country.

How does concrete set?

After concrete is placed, it begins to set. As the concrete reacts with water, it provides strength to the concrete, but reduces the overall volume. This results in pores throughout the concrete, similar to a sponge.

Sustain Krete remains fluid, allowing it to enter the pores in the concrete and blocks out water and salt. Buy your own pail of Sustain Krete below!