Edgebanding & Veneer Wood

Wood Veneer Tape, Wood Edging, and Edgebanding

Upgrade the look of wood in your home with CS Hardware's large selection of edge banding and veneer wood products. We offer a variety of edge banding products, wood veneer tape, and Fastcaps to help you get the job done. Never leave a project looking anything less than completely finished with our products.

FeaturedDark Bamboo Edgebanding Unfinished 7/8 in. Non-Glued 500' Roll

Wood veneer tape adds the finishing touches that enhance any woodworking project. Veneer edging tape is perfect for concealing plywood surfaces to give the appearance of hardwood lumber. The raw edges of plywood can detract from the look of your finished product. Wood veneer tape makes the plywood nearly indistinguishable from solid wood, giving a richer appearance to your finely-crafted wood product.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of wood veneer tape and edgebanding in different colors and patterns to emulate wood finishes. Shop now and get all the veneer edging tape you need to produce a refined wood project.