Levels, Squares, and Layout

Carpenter Levels and Squares

Levels and Squares for Carpentry

Accurate measurements are key when working on home repairs or carpentry project, no matter the size. Levels and squares come in many sizes and styles, and are essential for a successful project. CS Hardware offers various levels and squares, and other measurement tools for carpentry such as ergonomic chalk line tools, beam levels, T-squares, magnetic micro squares, and much more. Shop CS Hardware for levels and squares for a great value, and get results!

Featured24" Samson™ Contractor I-Beam with Plumb Site

Any architecture, from a small cabinet in your home to massive skyscrapers, display the beauty of mathematical precision. No matter the project, accurate measurements are crucial to achieving the desired end result. Carpenter levels and squares help builders get these precise measurements from the very start of construction through completion.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of tools and accessories, including carpenter levels and squares to make sure you get the accurate measurements you need for a perfectly finished project.