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Drill Guides, Power Drill Jigs and Spacers

Precision is especially important when you're using a drill, which is why power drill jigs are so valuable. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of drill jigs, including spacers, mounting jigs, and hinge templates. Become a measuring and accuracy pro with our selection of drill jigs and spacers, and get the results you want every time you use your power drill.

Whatever your needs are for your home improvement projects, shop CS Hardware for great quality and value.

FeaturedPocket Hole Jig

Accuracy matters when working on wood projects with a power drill. A hole that is off by just 1/16 of an inch can cause problems and hold up a project. Drill jigs precisely guide the drill, so each hole is exactly where it needs to be.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of drill jigs and spacers, as well as other tools and accessories, to help you get your project done quickly, accurately and easily.