Router Tables & Guides

Router Tables

Router Guides & Router Tables

If you’re in need of one or more router tables for your refined woodworking projects, look no further than the quality selection from Custom Service Hardware. Router tables and router guides make holding wood in place while you’re working simple and effective.

We offer a selection of Kreg router tables, as well as framing tables and systems and a circular saw guide.

FeaturedKreg Precision Benchtop Router Table

Router tables are a great add-on to any wood shop. Serving as a dedicated table for routing wood, routing tables make it easy to clamp down and hold wood in place as you work on it with router bits. Router tables and guides provide maximum control to ensure the perfect end result every time. Accuracy is key when it comes to woodwork, and router tables and router guides are the ultimate woodshop accessories for optimum precision.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of router tables and router guides to equip you with the quality power tools you need for your carpentry and home improvement projects.