Router Bits

Router Bits and Accessories

Utilizing the right router bit adds exceptional functionality and versatility to your home projects. Choose from a wide variety of power tool bits in different shapes and sizes to get the exact look that you want in your home! The more precise and easy to use your tools are the better your final project will be!

FeaturedIndustrial Carbide Single Flute Straight Bit 3/8" Diameter

Router bits add versatility and precision to your wood working capabilities. Carbide router bits are the most durable choice, great for cutting rounded edges, V-shaped grooves, round-bottom grooves, and more. With router bits you can shape decorative edges, cut a variety of woodworking joints, and trim laminates and veneers, among other tasks.

Custom Service Hardware offers a large variety of power tools and accessories including drill bits and router bits for woodworking. We offer carbide router tips in various sizes for different applications, all highly durable and made to last. Get all your power tool accessories here at CS Hardware.