Sustain Krete Concrete Penetrant (SME-PS or SME-Polystyrene)

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Sustain Krete(Scientific nomenclature:  SME or SME-Polystyrene) is a soy-based penetrant that is absorbed deep into the pores of the concrete, creating a hydrophobic barrier which blocks water and salt. This soy-based concrete solution is the result of a partnership between Purdue University and the Indiana Soybean Alliance. Purdue applied its legendary reputation for scientific excellence to creating a superior product from Indiana-grown soybeans. The result is a concrete penetrant that was born and manufactured in the Midwest and provides superior protection against harsh weather conditions found throughout the country.

How Does Concrete Set?:
    - After Concrete is placed, it begins to set. As the concrete reacts with water, it provides strength to the concrete, but reduces the overall volume and results in pores throughout - similar to a sponge.

What Causes Concrete Deterioration?
    - Fluid Absorption. The dry pore network within the concrete absorbs any available fluids.
    - Freezing and Thawing. Water in the pores freezes and expands, creating pressure and small fractures throughout the pores.
    - Salt Crystallization. Water often brings in salt from the concrete's surface. When the water evaporates, salt is left behind. This salt crystallizes in the pores and creates internal pressure, which is another cause of cracking and deterioration.

     - Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene). These problems can be remedied by applying Sustain Krete. It remains fluid, allowing it to enter the pores in the concrete and block out water and salt.


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Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene) Concrete Penetrant, 1 Gallon SKU# SK.CC.1G
Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene) Concrete Penetrant, 1 Gallon
Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene) Concrete Penetrant, 5 Gallon SKU# SK.CC.5G
Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene) Concrete Penetrant, 5 Gallon
Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene) Concrete Penetrant, 55 Gallon SKU# SK.CC.55G
Sustain Krete (SME-Polystyrene) Concrete Penetrant, 55 Gallon

SME-PS (polystyrene) is a Soy-Based Concrete Penetrant which, when applied, absorbs deep into the concrete pores to repel water and salt and extend the life of concrete. Coverage rate of 130 square feet per gallon - applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. One coat with thorough coverage is recommended and reapplication is recommended every 7 to 10 years. Will have a "wet concrete" look after application, but it dries clear.

Warning: Can be removed from skin with soap and water. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin as it may cause dryness or irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact does occur, rinse material from eyes and (if possible) remove contacts immediately. If symptoms persist, see a doctor. Heavy exposure can soften asphalt materials. Acrylic or other polymer-based products can prevent sealant absorption or react chemically with Sustain Krete.

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