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Aileron System: Lift Assist + Soft-Close; Top Opening, 70.8 Lb. per In. Capacity


When it comes to sophistication, less is more and when coupled with beautiful functionality, less is definitely most. We introduce to you the elegant Aileron System by Sugatsune, freestop, soft down stay and lift assist with minimum required hardware components.
The Aileron System creates a continuous door movements with adjustable closing speed and free-stop functions.

- (Set includes 2 hinges + 1 Lid Stay)
- Torque per Set: 53.1 - 70.8 lbs/in (61.2-81.6 kg/cm)
- Smooth door movement. It is specially designed for use with the OLYMPIA concealed hinge (360-D26-19).
- The lift-assist function allows for light opening
of doors.
- Board thickness Min:9/16" (15mm) ~ Max:7/8" (22mm)
- The free-stop function enables doors to hold in
position (30°–Max. ).
- The soft-close function makes doors close
gently (0°–30° degrees).
- Integrated design combines a concealed hinge
and lid stay.
- Closing speed of doors is adjustable.

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Brand Sugatsune
UPC 769785983044
Sold as: SET
Type Lift Support
Manufacturer's Part Number arn-2-h-s
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