Ironing Centers

Ironing Centers

Pull-Out and Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards

Adding an ironing center creates a unique feature in your home and adds a lot of convenience. Ironing centers make the process of ironing clothes much quicker and less of a chore.

Whether you need a wall-mounted ironing board or a pull-out ironing board for your closet, we’ve got an ironing center solution that’ll work for you. Shop CS Hardware's selection of quality wall-mounted and pull-out ironing boards, and instantly make the process of ironing and folding clothes a breeze!

FeaturedPull-Out Ironing Board - 16"

Shop CS Hardware’s selection of pull out ironing boards and ironing centers to help you get through this frequent task with ease. With an ironing center in your home you don’t have to struggle to set up a standalone board or be concerned about the ironing board toppling over with a hot iron on top. Pull out ironing boards and wall ironing boards are secure and set up in an instant.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of pull out iron boards, available for use in cabinets or drawers, as well as wall mounted ironing boards to help you iron your clothes safely and easily. Browse a large selection of ironing centers, such as the Iron-A-Way Ironing Center, as well as drawer pull out ironing boards, and create the perfect ironing solution that works for you and your home.