Door Parts & Accessories

Door Parts & Accessories

Door Latches, Bumpers and Other Accessories

Whatever hardware you need to assemble or add to your kitchen cabinet doors, Custom Service Hardware has the door parts and accessories solutions for you.

From door stops to bumpers and strike plates, you'll find what you need in our selection of door hardware and accessories.

FeaturedBaseboard Door Bumper, Solid Brass, PVD - 4"

Doors are opening and closing in your home every day and, without proper precautions, they can cause damage. For example, if you push a door open hard into a wall without the protection of a door stopper you’re likely to put a hole in your drywall. Even when the damage is minimal, these avoidable dents can cost a significant amount of time and money to fix. It’s important to equip your home with the appropriate door parts and accessories to ensure you get longevity out of your home and the doors inside, and to avoid unnecessary damage and expense.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of door parts and accessories, such as door bumpers, magnetic door catches, strike plates, and door stops, among other fixtures to help protect your home for years to come. Shop now and upgrade the functionality of all the doors in your house.