Concealed Hinges

Concealed Hinges

Hidden Hinges for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Concealed hinges are perfect for creating that ultra-sleek, modern design in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They allow you to install your cabinet doors so that the hinges are not seen when the door is closed creating a seamless finish. For those who prefer a simple, clean appearance these are the perfect hinges.

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FeaturedSurface Mounted Concealed Hinge - 90° Opening

Cabinet hinges come in various shapes, sizes, functionality and with different sets of features. One of the more attractive and modern hinge options for your cabinetry are concealed hinges for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Concealed cabinet hinges are available in blum compact, one-piece, two-piece, and clip-on varieties, among other styles.

Custom Service Hardware offers hinges with varying degrees of openings and overlays, featuring both normal and adjustable soft-close hidden hinges. Shop hidden cabinet hinges today and give the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in your home a makeover for a new, appealingly contemporary look.