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Hollow Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors & Hangers

For affordable hollow wall anchors and wall hangers, look no further than Custom Service Hardware. Our selection of hardware includes various wall anchor types including panel fasteners, board anchors, cleats, drywall fasteners, hollow wall anchors, inserts and more. These wall anchor types and hangers will allow you to easily hang items on your walls or other hard surfaces.

Whether you're looking to hang a mirror, painting, or bookshelf, our hardware will help you get the job done easily.

FeaturedZip-It Wall Board Anchors - Nylon

Hollow wall anchors are used for housing screws in walls and surfaces that are very hollow or hard. The wall anchor is installed first to create a durable base where a screw can be inserted. The type of anchor you need is dependent on the type of wall, its thickness, and the weight of the load to be carried by the anchor.

Custom Service Hardware offers a large selection of hardware supplies, including plastic wall anchors, drywall anchor screws, panel fasteners, board anchors, cleats, inserts, and more. These anchors help you hang mirrors, paintings, bookshelves, and other hardware with ease.