Nails & Staples

Nails & Staples

Heavy Duty Nails & Industrial Staples

Complete your next project with the help of these nails and staples from Custom Service Hardware. Our selection of nails and staples hardware includes headless pins, blind nails, brads, crown staples, straight head nails and more.

Choose from our variety of nail and staple sizes, shapes and finishes to suit your particular project or application.

FeaturedBlind Nail 1" x 5/8 100 Pcs.

Nails and staples are a fundamental component in the construction of a house or the building of any structure out of wood. Nails and staples attach elements together in the initial framing stages, helping you build out the blueprint of your structure before wood screws are used to reinforce everything. Using a nail gun will help accelerate this important early stage of any project.

Custom Service Hardware carries a large variety of heavy duty nails, industrial staples, and other hardware supplies for your home improvement project. Shop brad nails, headless micro-pin nails, finishing nails, and much more at great low prices.