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Hardware for Murphy Bed Installation

Save space in your home with this innovative Murphy bed hardware from Custom Service Hardware. Murphy beds pull down from the wall when in use and easily fold back up vertically when not in use, providing your home with extra floor space.

We carry a variety of do-it-yourself Murphy bed hardware kits for queen size beds, king sized beds, full size beds, and twin beds.

FeaturedVertical Tilt Bed Hardware - Double-Full (Hardware Only)

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are an innovative way of saving space in your home. Wall beds are hinged at one end and are stored vertically against a wall, or inside a closet. When it’s time for bed, you simply pull the bed down, and when you’re ready to start your day, you tuck it back out of sight. To keep your murphy bed working properly over the years, it’s important to have the appropriate murphy bed hardware for installation. Custom Service Hardware carries high-quality furniture hardware that makes it easy to install a murphy bed yourself. Get vertical tilt bed hardware, concealed wall bed systems, and storage bed lift kits at CS Hardware at great low prices.