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Organize your office or media room with storage items from Custom Service Hardware. Our office storage supplies and media storage hardware include items like keyboard trays, CD holders, utensil drawers, storage racks, wire holders, cable grips and more.

Keep your work space organized, clean and safe with our office and media storage hardware.

FeaturedKeyboard Tray with Reversible Mouse Tray 26.36"

Office storage supplies help create an efficient workspace that minimizes distracting clutter and, as a result, improves your workflow and productivity. Office organization products and accessories, such as cable grips, storage racks, keyboard drawers, utensil drawers and media storage racks, including CD and DVD holders, can enhance your experience of work. Custom Service Hardware offers a large selection of furniture hardware for office and media storage solutions to help you optimize your office space and improve your day-to-day work life.