Leg Levelers & Glides

Leg Levelers & Glides

Leg Leveling Glides and Furniture Glides

Our leg levers and glides can work with your existing furniture, cabinetry, machinery and more. These levelers from Custom Service Hardware will evenly balance the legs of any object without the hassle.

Shop our variety of leg levelers and say goodbye to uneven surfaces for good.

FeaturedLever Stem - 8mm x 2.75" Each

When furniture, cabinetry or equipment is not completely level or wobbles a bit, furniture levelers are the furniture hardware you need. A furniture leg leveler installed onto your existing furniture is an easy fix to an otherwise bigger, structural problem. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of leg levelers and glides to help you get rid of uneven surfaces throughout your home. Whether you want to improve the look and feel of your current furniture, or fix a problem with a new construction project, leg leveling glides can remedy unwanted imbalances. Shop leveler stems, toe board clips, tack glides, cabinet glide levelers, and much more at CS Hardware.