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Tie Racks, Belt Racks, and Closet Accessories

Adding a tie rack and belt rack to your closet will help keep your clothing organized while making getting dressed a lot quicker and easier. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of closet hardware to install in your closet, including tie racks, scarf racks, belt organizers, and more.

Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and finishes to find a tie organizer and belt organizer that will compliment your existing style and aesthetic.

FeaturedTie/Scarf Organizer, Chrome - 14”

Belts and ties can be difficult items to store. They easily slip off traditional hangers and closet rods, and don’t always fit neatly into drawers or on shelves. A great closet hardware solution to avoid this problem is installing dedicated tie and belt racks in your closets. Custom Service Hardware offers various tie racks and belt organizers in different styles and colors so you get the perfect accessory racks for your closet. Shop now and make your closet more organized and user friendly.