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The small accents and fixtures go a long way in making a home’s interior stand out. Adding unique elements to a staircase is a great way to show off your style and maximize your home’s potential. Get the perfect handrail brackets and parts to add an elegant and classy look to any set of stairs in your home!

We offer a wide variety of handrail brackets, parts and railing systems in different finishes to match your home décor.

FeaturedHandrail Bracket 1.5" - Polished Brass
Small architectural hardware elements can enhance the safety, functionality and beauty of your home. This includes the stair rail brackets that reinforce handrails. Whether your home has a spiral stair case or standard steps, it’s crucial to have a sturdy railing system with secure handrail brackets in place. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of quality stair rail brackets and parts that give your handrails lasting stability, while adding visual appeal to your home. Shop a vast selection of elegant stair rail brackets to match your home décor, along with other handrail hardware, including ball elbows, ball tees, flush tees, and more.