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EZ Center Stick (4-Piece Set)


Find the Center of a board fast & easy!

(1) Small Center Stick.  Perfect for finding center on molding and trim with all the common widths you'll find at your local home center.
(1) Medium Center Stick.  Deisgned for finding center on dimensional lumber.  Perfect for when you need to mount hardware along a center line.
(1) Large Center Stick.  Designed to tackle the larger size boards.
(1) EZ Edge Guide.  Perfect for building boxes and cabinets with 1 x boards.  mark lines exactly 3/8" from the edge - which places the pilot hole dead-center over a 3/4" board below.

Fid the center of a board fast and easy!
One of the most common measuring jobs is finding teh cneter of a board.  Getting that mark dead-on-center is critical for mounting boards, attaching hardware, and drilling pilot holes for joinery.

The EZ Center Stick is a very simple and easy-to-use tool for marking the exact center of just about any size board you might use in a project.  

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Brand EZ Woodshop
UPC 850270005041
Sold as: Kit
Manufacturer's Part Number CS01
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