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X2 Bracket Sets for 20 Rollout Shelves


Tool-free, post-installation adjustability allows users the flexibility to quickly and easily change their shelving configuration to adapt to their evolving needs.

The X-Series Bracket System’s, solid, Appalachian Maple pilasters and highstrength, metal brackets have been tested to withstand 400,000+ open/close cycles with a 100-pound load without any impact on function.

The X-Series Bracket System is highly marketable because it meets the needs
of today’s consumer by providing them with convenience (adjustability) and quality
(durability) at a great value. 

- Includes 80 brackets with screws (for 20 rollout shelves)
- Each rollout shelf uses 4 brackets and 8 screws
- Designed for ultimate compatibility, the X-Series Bracket fits the majority industry-standard, side-mount, and under-mount slide systems.
- With a simple slide/swing motion the slides are disengaged from the pilasters and moved up or down to organize tall and short items.

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More Information
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