Preserve, strengthen, and protect your wood with various high-quality treatment solutions. Made in USA and available right here from Custom Service Hardware.

  1. Pentacryl
    PRICE FROM: $19.97

    Pentacryl is a wood stabilizer used by woodcarvers, woodturners, builders and furniture makers to keep green wood from cracking, checking and splitting during the drying process.

    Pentacryl will not react with the tanic acids in the wood and will make your wood look cleaner and brighter!  If you enjoy turning or working with green wood but struggle with cracking, checking or warping, you need to take a closer look at Pentacryl.

    Sold in quart or gallon size.

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  2. Wood Juice Dry Wood Stabilizer
    PRICE FROM: $19.06

    Wood Juice is a specially formulated product for treating dry or semi-dry wood to prevent future checking, cracking and warping.  This product will provide more stability to the wood.  It was developed to compensate for the difference in lower moisture content of the drier wood.  Whereas, Pentacryl is formulated to stabilize green or fresh cut wood with a higher moisture content.

    Sold in quarts and gallons.

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  3. end grain sealer
    PRICE FROM: $13.60

    End Grain Sealer is a non-toxic wax emulsion that is applied to the end grain of green wood or the face grain of turning blanks or carvings. This product is beneficial when you want to slow down the drying of green wood, since the end grain dries much faster than the rest of the wood.
    Sold as a quart or gallon.

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  4. Polycryl Wood Fortifier
    PRICE FROM: $16.33

    POLYCRYL, is a concentrated, high molecular weight acrylic polymer that will fill and strengthen soft, spalted or punky wood. It will dry clear and will not yellow the wood. POLYCRYL is water-soluble and penetrates best when wood is wet. It will help make carving and turning easier by fortifying the wood. Penetration varies depending on the density of the wood you are treating.
    Easy and safe to use with soap and water clean up. Polycryl™ wood fortifier can be brushed on or soaked in a Polycryl™ solution. All types of finishes and glues can be used once Polycryl™ wood fortifier has dried into the wood.
    - Available in Quart or Gallon.
    - Since POLYCRYL is water-based, treated wood needs to be finished so the product will not wash out.
    - POLYCRYL should be diluted with hot tap water and brushed on or the wood can be immersed (soaked) into a solution of POLYCRYL.
    - When the POLYCRYL treated wood has dried, the wood can be glued or finished with various finishes. Easy soap and water clean up.


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