Wood Products

Wood products form a key part of any good architectural design. Custom Service Hardware carries every kind of wood product you need to fulfill any specification. Browse mantles and fireplace accessories for the family room, den, or living room. Mouldings, baseboards, rails, and other hand-carved pieces are ready to integrate directly into your kitchen design. Columns, corbels, pilasters, feet, pediments, and valances round out a wide collection of architectural wood products. CSH also carries a variety of hand-carved appliques and medallions for an extra decorative touch. Available brands include White River, Legacy, Brownwood, Ornamental Products, and more.

  1. Nautiking Two Part Penetrating Epoxy, 1 Quart Part A and 1 Pint Part B

    Nautipoxy Penetrating Epoxy, 1 Quart Part A and 1 Pint Part B, low viscosity, exterior grade, clear

    Penetrates, seals, strengthens, and waterproofs wood.
    Great as a wood primer

    Basic Uses Include:
     - Wood penetrating, sealing, strenthening and waterproofing for boat construction
     - Ideal for the penetration of deep, thin cracks in wood
     - Great as a wood primer!

    *For an outstanding, high gloss, UV-reistant topcoat, we recommend finishing the NautiPoxy Penetrating with several coats of Nautithane Pro - sku NK.634012*

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  2. Nautithane Pro Two Part Topcoat, 1 Quart Part A and 1 Pint Part B

    Two-Part High Gloss Urethane Coating
     - UV Stable
     - Flexible

    Specially formulated to resist ultraviolet degradation.  It is a durable wood finnish that minimizes topside maintenance of your classic wood boat.

    *For an outstanding "bullet-proof" finis, we recommend the use of NautiPoxy Penetrating direc-to-wood prior to using NautiThane Pro as a topcoat.  See sku NK.600122

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