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European Epoxy Drawer Slides

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Whether you want self-closing or under-mount European epoxy drawer slides, we have options that will suit your kitchen cabinet needs.

With a variety of styles and finishes to chose from, you'll find the perfect epoxy drawer slides by browsing our wide selection.

FeaturedEpoxy Self-Closing Slide, Creamy White - 10"

European epoxy drawer slides are built to withstand heavy use with ease. These advanced drawer slides become part of the drawer’s structure with wrap-around technologically, rather than simply being attached to the sides of the drawer. Epoxy slides are available in self-closing form, which means the drawer begins to automatically close on its own when you let it go. This feature helps keep your kitchen looking tidy, and prevents the safety hazard of open drawers in homes with small children.

These drawer slides are also great because there are minimal moving parts, which means there is less potential for breakage and malfunctioning. Shop Custom Service Hardware’s wide variety of European epoxy drawer slides and upgrade your kitchen drawers today.