Waste & Hamper Pull Outs

Waste & Hamper Pull Outs

Pull Out Storage Solutions

Keep waste and mess out of sight with waste and hamper pull-outs from CS Hardware. We have many different solutions for adding a pull out trash can or pull out hamper to your home. You can choose to add containers under the sink or by using a top-mount or under mount option. No matter what kind of pull out container you are looking for, we have something that will perfectly meet your needs.

Shop CS Hardware's collection of pull out trash cans and hampers to make for a more efficient and user-friendly kitchen!


Pull out trash cans and pull out laundry hampers are one of the simplest, low-cost changes you can make to keep your home neat and organized. Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of innovative kitchen accessories and storage options to ensure laundry and trash stay out of sight until laundry day or garbage pickup.

You can choose to add containers under your kitchen sink, or use top mount or under mount options wherever is most convenient in your home. Shop CS Hardware for an array of pull out hampers and slide out trash cans sure to make your home more efficient, organized and comfortable.