Youngdale Hinges

Youngdale Hinges

Self-Closing Hinges for Kitchen Cabinets

A Youngdale hinge gives kitchen cabinets a combination of beautiful form, streamlined style, and cutting-edge function to create a kitchen that will always feel unique. Our Youngdale hinges are concealed hinges for your kitchen cabinets that come in overlay or lip-set options and feature self-closing technology.

Enjoy the convenience of cabinets self-closing cabinets and maintain a modern, clean look in your kitchen by adding Youngdale hinges to your kitchen cabinets. Shop CS Hardware's collection of Youngdale Hinges and add style and convenience to your kitchen cabinets!

FeaturedYoungdale Hinge #6, Bronze - 1/2" Overlay

Youngdale hinges are premium concealed hinges with cutting-edge functionality, available in both overlay and lip-set options, and featuring self-closing technology. These cabinet hinges are a great option, offering a clean “hinge-free” look for your cabinetry, as well as a convenience self-closing feature. Custom Service Hardware features a large assortment of Youngdale cabinet hinges in various finishes, including oil rubbed bronze, antique and polished brass, and more.

Shop new self-closing cabinet hinges today and give your home a more modern look with easy upgrades to your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.