Soss Hinges

Soss Hinges

Specialty Concealed Hinges for Inset Doors

A Soss hinge is a specialty door hinge crafted used in kitchen cabinets with inset doors that are flush with the cabinet case. Soss hinges are specially crafted so that when your inset door is closed, the Soss hinge is completely concealed.

We carry Soss hinges in many different widths and finishes to offer a large number of hinge options that can work with a wide variety of inset cabinet door thicknesses and styles. Shop CS Hardware's collection of Soss Hinges and add a contemporary look to your kitchen cabinets!

FeaturedHinge #100 1" x 3/8" Satin Brass

Soss hinges are kitchen cabinet hinges made to be used with inset doors that are flush with the cabinet case. These hinges are specifically engineered to be invisible when your inset cabinet doors are closed. Adding invisible Soss hinges to your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities adds a contemporary and clean look to your home because you won’t see any unsightly door hinges throughout your kitchen cabinetry.

Custom Service Hardware offers a large selection of Soss hinges in various widths and thicknesses. Our cabinet hinges are offered in a wide variety of finishes, including epoxy coated, brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, and more. Shop today and upgrade your kitchen cabinet hinges to give your kitchen a whole new look.