Hinge Components

Hinge Components

Parts for Cabinet and Door Hinges

In addition to offering a comprehensive selection of hinges, Custom Service Hardware also supplies hinge components. A large selection of parts are available to make sure your hinges look and function exactly the way you want.

From steel cover caps to dowels and knock-in sockets, shop CS Hardware for everything you need for your hinge installations.

FeaturedBlumotion Soft Close Add-On for Doors
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    Designed to be used with the Compact 88 hinge
    Sold as each 

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  2. Silent System for Optimat 3E Hinge with Overlay of 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4"

    Silent System soft close add-on
    Compatible with Optimat 3E hinges - 1/2" to 3/4" overlay
    Easy attachment
    Simple, screw adjustment

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    BLUMOTION for doors - COMPACT - Polybag Kit, Screws Included

    Includes screws and spacer (Spacer should be used when using 1" overlay hinge or greater)

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    This Blumotion clip on is suited for a half-cranked arm hinge and provides soft-closing features. BLUMOTION Clip-on 973A Half OL NI Learn More

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    This Blumotion clip-on will allow your hinges to have a soft-closing feature.
    BLUMOTION Clip-On Silent System 973A
    •  Fluid dampening system is completely silent
    •  Adjustable for various door sizes and weights
    For straight-arm hinges (107, 110, 110+ 120, 120+, 95 thick door, 120 aluminum door and CLIP 100 and CLIP 107 degree hinges)



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  6. Blum Platemate Boring Template Kit

    Blum Platemate Boring Template for all CLIP face frame mounting plates
    Includes platemate template, 2.5mm pilot bit and extension, and 5mm stop collar
    Clamps to face frame with cam lever
    Works on face frame thicknesses of 5/8" to 1"
    Spacer screws for quick, measurement-free use

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    Cover cap for straight-arm CLIP hinges Fits 100°, 107°, 110°, 110°+, 120°, 120°+, 95° thick door, and 60° bi-fold hinges Nickel-plated steel construction Clip-on attachment/removal Learn More

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    Cover cap for 170° CLIP top hinges
    Nickel-plated steel construction
    Clip-on attachment/removal

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    This 8mm knock-in socket is for Intermat and Optimat with square top hinge.
    8MM Knock-In socket for Intermat and Optimat W/Square Top
    Please note:
    You must use screw # H.1037931 for this dowel.

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  10. normal

    Cover cap for Hettich Intermat hinges
    Black plastic construction
    Clip-on attachment/removal

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Cabinet and door hinges are complex mechanisms that require many parts and pieces to make them function seamlessly. Sometimes you need a replacement screw, dowel, cover cap, soft-close mechanism, or other hinge component that might be difficult to find. Custom Service Hardware has got you covered with a variety of hinge parts and accessories to help you accomplish your renovation goals. Don’t let anything stand in the way of getting the end result you desire when remodeling or upgrading your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.

Enhancing your kitchen cabinetry is a great investment that can pay dividends in the future, especially if you plan on selling your home at some point. Contemporary technology in all aspects of your home, especially in your kitchen, are great selling points to potential buyers.