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Shelf Brackets & Supports

Shelving Brackets and Shelf Supports

Easily and successfully install shelving in any room in your home with our shelf brackets and supports. Organize your home like never before with our easy to use shelving hardware.

Custom Service Hardware offers a variety of shelving brackets, shelf supports, shanks, braces and more in a variety of materials, sizes and colors to match your needs.

FeaturedAngle Bracket 2.25" with 1.25" sides - Holes 1.5" CC

Shelving adds convenient, smart storage space to any room in your home, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or garage. In order to build a strong and sturdy shelf that will last for years, you must have essential shelving hardware . Custom Service Hardware offers various shelving brackets, shelf supports, and other shelving hardware in different materials, sizes, colors, and finishes to make sure you find the perfect shelving solution for your home and décor. Shop our large selection of durable, easy-to-install shelving hardware and create storage space to help keep your home organized and clutter free.