Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Door Hardware

Hardware for Closet Sliding Doors

Browse the large selection of sliding door hardware for closet sliding doors from Custom Service Hardware. We offer a variety of sliding door hardware items including floor guides, tracks, hardware sets, carriers, and more with 3 different weight capacities.

Find and install the perfect closet sliding doors with the exact style and functionality you want so you’ll always enjoy your beautiful closet.

Featured71-222 4' Single Door Pack 3/4 150#

Closet sliding doors don’t swing in any one direction, making it easier to manage the space in your home because there is no need for a clearance area. The unobtrusive design of sliding closet doors makes them an elegant and space-saving option in bedrooms. Custom Service Hardware sells a variety of sliding closet door hardware for sliding doors in any room in your home, including closet doors and sliding glass doors. Shop CS Hardware for high-quality closet hardware, including floor guides, single tracks, four wheel carriers, and other sliding door hardware.